How To

use the app? Simple. Find the music you want, download it’s ZIP file, and import the file into the app.

Watch the tutorial!

How to download Mixtapes on an iPhone

Step One: Open the Tape Eater App

Step Two: Tap “Find New Mixtapes” button on top of Home Page

Step Three: Once your default web browser opens search for the Mixtape you want to download.

Step Four: Download the Mixtape. This will either go to your downloads folder or your web browser’s download folder

Step Five: Go back to go the Tape Eater App and go the the import page

Step Six: Tap “Import New Mixtapes” and find the mixtape you want to import

Step seven: Once Mixtape has been imported, Tap the mixtape to Unzip it.

Step eight: You’re Done! Go to your Mixtape Collection and find your New Mixtape!

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