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The best way to download and collect any mixtape from any website. Don’t let a single app hold you back.

Zips Are Back

We brought back the power of the .ZIP File. The app allow you to unzip any mixtape you download from any source. 

Collect Mixtapes

Collect Mixtape like you never could before! You shouldn’t have to be restricted to one app or one site. They all have great music so download from them all!

Remove ADs

We have a very afforable monthly subscription for a NO AD viewing expierence. Only $1.99/month!

The Power of Every Mixtape Website

Bring back the feeling of file sharing into the palm of your hands. There’s more than a few ways to use the app. Import your own music library or download from your favorite sites. If the album is in a .ZIP file it’ll work!

A Little Bit of Everything

We’ve got some serious style and you’ve got serious taste! Check out your most recently played mixtapes on the home page for quick access to your favorite tapes.

Or, try swiping on your favorite mixtape’s cover art, maybe there’s a tracklist, maybe there’s special artwork?

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